Friday’s Hot Ethereal Jam of the Day: Korallreven


The Swedish duo,Korallreven, have produced what can only be called an ethereal pop masterpiece. “Sa Sa Samoa” revitalizes some kind of ancient friendly spirit in everyone. The song inflates and deflates like ocean waves. It inflates and deflates inside your body and mind as well. The video is absolutely riveting and “Sa Sa Samoa” have ever-so tastefully developed a piece of brilliant collaboration that manages to hit every good sense in the human body. The song is beautiful, warm, airy, and enlightening.  And the video is a thing of beauty as well. Basically we follow a raincoat wrapped bearded man wandering around aimlessly while carrying “a mysterious, possibly magical lunchbox.” Swedish duo Korallreven for their track “Sa Sa Samoa.”

The electro- dream pop fantasy land of Korallreven  crescendos in “Sa Sa Samoa” with the pitch perfect accompaniment of Julianna Barwick and a children’s choir from the island of Samoa. Members of Korallreven found inspiration in the catholic choirs of Samoa and combined that flavor with their music vision to produce a gorgeous and mysterious piece of dreamy nordic art.

Lay down, relax, and enjoy–it’s Friday.


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