Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Tanlines

Tanlines are to New York’s current music scene as hummus is to Pita. You can think whatever you want about this emerging band but we have to acknowledge the impact they are slowly having on the NYC scene. It’s funny because the two have only released a single EP and that was back in 2010. However, they play live all the time and definitely throw a memorable show. They recently released “Brothers” from the soon to be launched album Mixed Emotions, and well they have produced a golden piece. “Brothers” is, simply put, their most cohesive work to date–exploring the outer realms of pop expression.

“Brothers” is in some ways more simple than past Tanlines musical electronic/vox dives. However, “Brothers” replaces increased technical complexity with  increased emotion sophistication and higher production value. The final-product is a more digestible and experiential Tanlines. The band has evolved to a higher level of musical maturity and are clearly defining their niche. The duo is moving from the party to your stereo and that combination is what many strive to achieve. They’ve traded in the steel-drums and mutated tropical for a new jam unto its own. Also, their interactive video is bad ass. Anything done with 360 degrees of footage and touch animation/ manipulation is cool in the context of music. It’s a blast to seemingly physically experience sound and this is one means for achieving it.

Enjoy today’s jam.


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