Monday’s Jam of the Day: Bon Iver

So what can I say, I have a bit of a soft spot for Bon Iver. However, the reason I chose today’s jam is both about Bon Iver’s predictably beautiful song, “Towers” as it is about the official video for “Towers.” The official video just launched and it is a gorgeous depiction of an older fisherman type, driving deep into the woods to carrying what looks like a massive dream catcher but is actually crabbing equipment. He then paddles out to sea and witnesses the collapse of a massive surreal wooden Tower–is it his tower?–his life’s build up–not sure–it’s collapse is the symbolic collapse of him as well. Definitely an interesting storyline.  The thought is gorgeous and the symbolism of his spiritual connectedness causes for pause and reflection. I haven’t quite figured the video out yet but I’m working on it.

As usual, Bon Iver does not let down. His voice is pitch perfect and resonates with your imagination. I’m always impressed by Bon Iver videos as they are often whimsical in one respect while also maintaining some semblance of being realistic. The juxtaposition is subtle and powerful. Towers is a gorgeous song and the video describes the music eloquently.



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