Tuesday’s Hot Sick Nasty Jam of the Day: Pond

Well, it’s happening-it is now officially undisputable. Australia is playing a major role in shaping an entire genre of contemporary spastic psych rock. I dig this movement of sound. Aussie crews fell across my radar with the Tame Impala advent and since then, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Modular, a label that is inspiring and investing in this new musical movement. Pond is composed of bad-assery and a bit more bad-assery; they of course conjure up parallels to the now international Tame Impala–likely because the band shares two members with the wild psych rock Aussies. The sound of Pond is a direct shot to 70’s psych rock and funk-lovin’, only with a contemporary flare, both lyrically as well as effects used–not to mention Pond’s members are all on the younger side.  This new kind of out-back sun-baked psych rock will sting your rock core and toss you into a dessert of rock magic. As a head’s up, the band’s up and coming Beard, Wives, Denim is streaming online. That said, I’m going to get their LP when it launches on March 6th. These guys are back to basics rock–and that’s refreshing. dig em…

Enjoy today’s  hot jamz. .


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