Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils have a jangle pop sound that coincides nicely with your ears and has them standing out among their contemporaries. Over the past couple of years they have produced a solid catalogue of foggy-feeling  indie rock while also preventing the all too common musical redundancy that so many bands experience. They have taken their music to the next step while not straying too far from the sound that people expect from them. I think this is a good thing as it allows the band to demonstrate musical diversity in a genre of sound that often lacks some of that diversity. 

Their new  seven-inch. “Shallow” truly embraces their evolution of sound. The album is full of long progressions that place the listener in a daze of musical contemplation as the band’s vocals fill the rest of the environment with a beautiful soundscape of upbeat confusion and longing. The album brings out an ideal euphoric melancholy  and you’ll want to play them on repeat during an overcast blanketed day or while sipping a hot toddy and addressing your thoughts.



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