Friday’s hot Sick Nasty funky Jam of the Day: Bo Diddley (The Black Gladiator ) Reissue

Who gets down with the get down like a bad ass funk machine?  Bo Diddley gets down with the get down like a bad ass funk machine. Fact.

Well let’s just face it, we are damn lucky to be seeing this amazing original work that is crazily underappreciated get a reissue!  The Black Gladiator  is Bo Diddley’s signature 1970 psych-funk space alien marsupial dance party that’s soul mission on this planet is to rip you out of your seat on a journey to funk nirvana! Again, fact. The Black Gladiator makes you feel like a Funky Fly” that keeps running into the windows of a psychotic funk opera where the only option is to escape by reverse parachute–you fall up is what I’m saying. Diddley is a  bad ass  from the opera funk rebellion and this album’s reissue marks a renaissance in this man’s absurdly enjoyable funk style. The Black Gladiator is Bo Diddley’s craziest full-length; when it launched it was met with question and confusion; the truth is that his blues funk has a special place in the world of cutting edge jamz and all things awesome. The fact that this album graced our planet once is a tribute to the lords of funk. Unfortunately The Black Gladiator disappeared into a black-hole of absurdity because of how forward leaning its’ sound was–which is a damn shame. But it’s back and badder than ever. Here’s to a great reissue. Go buy this reissue or forever rest in funkless peace.

One question: “Who’s the man that loves all the women?” ” You Bo, Bo Diddley!”
Now get ready for an intergalactic funky space odyssey. Happy Friday.



Thursday’s Jam of the Day: A Tribute to Earl Scruggs, RIP

As many of you know, the music community suffered what I will contend is one of the greatest losses to the music world in the 21st century. World Famous, Bluegrass mastermind, music genius, renaissance man, and music influencer, Earl Scruggs passed away. The news is tragic; however, Earl lived what can only be called an amazingly fruitful life and his musical legacy is dramatic, massive, and eternal. We will forever the three finger banjo pick because of Scruggs.

Earl Scruggs, was a the bluegrass banjo player who gathered incredible acclaim for his precise, emotional, and characteristic  picking technique. His style of bluegrass, with no exaggeration, influenced generations of players and helped shape the sound of 20th-century music.  Probably best known for his partnership with Lester Flatt, Scruggs and Flatt played in a famous group known as the Foggy Mountain Boys and in the 40’s recorded what would come to be known as the apex of their sound and style with the recording of the now untouchable famous song, “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.” From his earliest days to his latter days, Earl Scruggs shared his love of music, playing traditions, thirst to innovate, and passion for collaboration with all of those who were fortunate enough to watch or play music with him.

Today’s Jam of the day is in honor of the man, the legend: Earl Scruggs. Rest in Peace Earl Eugene Scruggs (January 6, 1924 – March 28, 2012)


Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Röyksopp

Well it is more than likely that this video will cause you to have an epileptic seizure!!!!!! You are now epileptic for life! Alright, probs not. So I’m at work today in a complete musical trance from this jam. It has made the perfect backdrop to my tasks. Emmanuelle Walker put the soundtrack together for her short film ON and OFF with music by Röyksopp’s So Easy .This film is a an excellent trance inducing experiment in awesome with a strong visual narrative, symbolism and symbolic song title. The best description of Röyksopp is that it is “a two-headed norwegian monster, dealing within the realm of contemporary electronic music.” What’s not to love?


Tuesday’s Killing it Jam of the Day: S/S/S

Who are S/S/S and why is this new break out Ep titled, “Beak and Claw” so important? S/S/S is the masterful collaborative project of Sufjan Stevens, rapper–Serengeti, & NYC composer–Son Lux. To me, the sound that this trio has produced might just be the future of psych folk hip hop pop over the next ten years. This album is different, super different. In one sense it captures movements in hip hop, electronic, orchestrated pop, and various movement across these genres–in another sense, it represents the perfect fusion of these approaches. It’s not a tacky fusion, it’s as if these musics were made for each other. It feels dystopian,  super psych-folk , wisdom inlaid complexity, hard driving, catchy and digestible. Anticon has launched an EP that’s positive consequences will be felt and observed widely across the music community.

This album is the best album of 2012 and I think it will be the best album throughout the year. It’s unique and visionary unto itself. It’s like Alopecia, it’s like an orchestra, it’s like a tonal field, it’s like a picture with loose brush strokes that begs you to fill in the space. S/S/S have developed a sound that may play a major role in moving music collaboration, thinking, and surrealism forward. The three men bring their own practice, vision, sound design, approach, and thinking together in this album. Each of their approaches, and opinions are apparent but cohesive. This kind of melding of music does not always work out. The musical atmosphere that this EP covers in a mere four tracks is mind-boggling and the overlays and Boswell sisteresque choruses bring everything to a crushing and blissful comfort.  S/S/S works perfectly and the after-taste is good one of perfect, playful chaos that will send this album into fame. The EP is streaming on the Anticon bandcamp as well.


Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Danny Brown

Basically I can’t get enough of Danny Brown. His flows remind me of the best–his sound is so present yet so musical historical. His beats and style have very clear old school roots which makes all his jams hot and enjoyable! His dj set compliments his flow like lemon to water. Anyway, “Grown Up” is Brown’s new single and it will have you hitting repeat.

Also, if any of you out there are like me and love hitting the bins to support our record stores! Danny Brown just announced that he’ll be releasing a limited LP on that day of  bin diving. Danny Brown’s sophomore album ‘XXX’ is to make its on-vinyl debut on Record Store Day, which this year falls on April 21 and oh yeah, his label will be including an extra 7-inch single version  “Grown Up.”


Friday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Florence + The Machine vs. Clams Casino

We all know that Florence + The Machine have risen to heralded acclaim in the past years. Just  because the group has launched into stardom does not underpin their ability to produce hot tracks. Florence + the Machine recently prompted the release of the hot Ceremonials single, “Never Let Me Go.” This track is highly emotional and possibly the   best Florence + The Machine. The limited edition single will release on April 9th in the super-duper styled sexy 180 gram, White LP, with gold foil, and hand numbered  (for record geeks)  is now on pre-order. So why is this today’s jam?

Well, “Never Let Me Go” is hot– it’s hot in a sort of Titanicesque musical experience kind of way–if that makes any sense.  And in many ways, the song is a killer way to round out a rough work week.  This jam is about the experience that can happen with separation but focuses on the all-encompassing  glory of connection that can strengthen the weakest of limbs. It’s a solid and pretty epic cut. What’s more though, is that the soon to release, limited edition, F+TM fanboy single’s side B includes a hot version of  the all ready powerful “Never Let Me Go,” remixed by Clams Casino. Clams Casino elevate the song to different and interesting new-levels of epicness and power with their remix, a remix that rivals some of the better ones out there.  


Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Tennis

Well it’s silly gorgeous out today and Tennis is the vibe that captures this gorgeous weather.

The married duo’s second album is on the streets and their latest track losing my mind is out–which is not easily available online yet. The sugar covered reflections that brought tennis notoriety with Cape Dory, are still there only this take has a more full-bodies approach and it’s clear from the album’s get go. It doesn’t all feel the same as the first track proclaims–and that’s a good thing. They’ve moved on, keeping their sound dynamic so as to not fall into the a ll to common trap of musical monotony. The album filters through your house like rays of light on a gorgeous spring day and it’s hard not to feel that Young and Old is a nice step in a more matured musical direction for the blossoming Tennis.



Wednesday’s Hot Jam of The Day: Tanlines

Tanlines’ “All of Me” is the hot jam that has arrived  from the NYC group’s debut, Mixed Emotions . Might I also say, their video is awesome! Julian Barrat of the Mighty Boosh is their director. So, there ya go–Boosh meets Tanlines–amazing. The video premiered on Adult Swim. Awkward old person dancing is hot no matter what. Also, Tanlines’ album has been long anticipated and it is proving to be far from any kind of disappointment.

Enjoy the video here

Monday’s Absurdly Hot Jam of the Day: Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal is a man who has, like a musical shadow, been tracked and observed by many but his unique Chicago blues has remained allusive and almost mythical. From what I’ve heard, this man has a soulful integrity that can match some of the greats in the blues and soul-jazz  genre. Beal has received significant amounts of underground hype and on a consistent cycle. This cycle implies that he is the real-deal. The fact that his name continues to emerge randomly and again, like some kind of musical myth, means that Beal is a true force to be reckoned with and very much worth experiencing in person. Hype often dies but when it is maintained throughout different periods, it typically means something is truly happening that is worth paying attention to. I think the case is happening with Beal. The authentic musical cuisine that Beal cooks up for your ears and mind to indulge in has been rumored to be second to none.

 I am still yet to see the man live. Although he is truly at the top of my list. His music comes from a deep deep valley in his soul and seems to express everything he has experienced in every stanza. Beal has been working to attain musical notoriety and he has single-handedly achieved it. From what I’ve heard, Beal has one of the most penetrating voices I’ve heard in our generation and that is no small comment. He is a raw talent that sifts through uplifting wisdom and dark alley’s as your stroll around and experience his music.His up and coming album, Acousmatic Sorcery, will be out on April 3 through Hot Charity.

Dig Willis Earl Beal. There truly are not many out there like him right now.

Enjoy today’s jam of the day

Friday’s Nothing but Pumped Up From Here Jam of the Day: Diplo (feat Nicky Da B)

After you listen to this jam, you won’t be able to listen to anything else that is not as high energy as Diplo’s latest dance jam, “Express Yourself.” It’s true this song has booties everywhere–but let’s be real here, Diplo and Nicky Da B have just dropped an ultimate party song. Since it’s Friday and kind of Glum out here in NYC, I think you all need to perk up at your jobs and get amped, stomp those feet, drop the hands, and head and booty shake–My buddy D-money sent this over to me yesterday and I knew then that this would be the track that would guide my weekend. Veteran Diplo has been dropping electro/hip hop/dance party dj sets for years now and has solidified himself as a mixer, producer, and turntableist extraordinaire.  “Express Yourself” will not let you down–I assure you this is an uber ridiculous hot jam. And Nicky Da B! Damn, all I can say is that Nicky Da B is crazy–he flows hard and fast and makes you want to dance–the butt’s everywhere make this song pretty hilarious and dirty. But honestly, if you can’t handle the video, just minimize the screen and listen to the cut. “Express Yourself” is an absurdly hot track that will leave you pumped up and wanting a dance hall to shake what you got. Diplo’s new album is going to drop in May. If “Express Yourself” is a tease of what to expect–then anticipate a crazy hot album.