Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Tito Puente

Well this is what it is.

It’s true, I love latin Jams. So today, I am paying tribute to a king of Salsa, none other than Tito Puente. This man single handedly played arguably the most important role in bringing the Son among other cuban and Puerto Rican percussion heavy dances to the states. Tito Puente was on the forefront of the salsa wave. We can pretty much thank him for bringing the best dance music to the ears and minds of americans.  Tito was best known for his Casino Salsa but frankly, New York Salsa developed largely in part to Tito’s influence in NYC.

Seriously though, listen to the below and comment on this page if the music does not make you bob your head and tap your feet. Tito Puente is the king of Timbales. Fact. Also, Tito Puente played a major role in bringing latin influence and percussion to the jazz world. So for that we can thank him as well. Alchemy Jazz has quite a bit to do with Puente and his big band approach. Basically his virtuosic world conquering can be accredited with a great deal of musical contribution. Tito Puente is the man.

Enjoy today’s hot classic latin jams of the day.


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