Friday’s Jam of the Day: Soap&Skin

So, I was just browsing music today when I stumbled upon Soap&Skin. I’m not quite sure where to begin.  Soap&Skin is making a debut on Stillleben, a new film by Sebastian Meise.  She sings a jaw-dropping cover of Desireless’  Voyage Voyage, and the song now lives on her latest album, “Narrow.” It’s difficult to articulate just how stunning Soap&Skin’s music is. We could characterize it as being profoundly emotional  accompanied by haunting arrangements and containing enchanting songwriting statements that express deep loss, extreme love, and vast pondering. When you listen to her sing, it’s like listening to the wind as it sweeps through a canyon, void of life, echoing across jagged cliffs toward and uncertain conclusion. Stunning and beautiful is the only way to characterize Soap&Skin’s latest musical endeavor with “Narrow”

Enjoy today’s jam of the day.


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