Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich’s heavily awaited second LP Strange Land has just launched. Today, marks a milestone in the band’s evolution and a milestone in the sound that they seek to develop and disperse. Many will remember this band from their freshman album, that included hot tracks like, “Whale” and “Mary” among others. Strange Land is a decisive move toward a mor orchestrated album. This album was developed as a band unlike the former album, The Mistress that Alex Schaaf wrote solo.

Yellow Ostrich does an excellent job of incorporating multiple instruments into a very digestible sound that is accompanied by often humorous and darker lyrics. The combination is a perfect fit for a mind at ease. Anytime, I see them perform and or listen to their album, I instantly feel in good spirits. I think that says a lot about how they function as a dynamic and cohesive group with a vision and musical aesthetic. These guys rock and I look forward to their tour.

Strange Land has all the makings to become one of this year’s most sought after albums during the next few months. I’m eager to see how Yellow Ostrich progresses.



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