Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Bill Frisell

Holy Damn,

Today is a great day! Why? Well for starters it’s gorgeous outside. More importantly though, my music icon, Bill Frisell, has just launched the sequel to his Floratone project with Jazz greats: Matt Chamberlain,Tucker Martine, and Lee Townsend and special guests: Mike Elizondo, Jon Brion , Ron Miles,and Eyvind Kang. This album is nutso berzerk. Bill Frisell never fails to diversify his portfolio. Whether it’s his unique homages to lost legends or tid bits of american history, his dives into the melding of classical and bop, his taste for dripping  jazz with americana roots, or his exploration of effects on the ear of a perfectly simple song. Bill Frisell reigns king.  Floratone II is certainly no exception to the rule. This album is a far shout from quintessential Frisell, although his sound comes through like a ray of light through clouds. Floratone II  is a 2,000 foot dive into the musically bizarre, avant-garde but cohesive virtuosic jazz at its best.

I’ve been listening to this exploration in sound all morning and can’t get enough of its strangeness, driving guitar, textured and also hard hitting drums and percussion, and its amazing integration of sound from familiar instruments that are played in outrageous ways. He is a king among jazz guitarists. Frisell explores the strange like Sherlock Holmes–only Frisell is more bad ass and risk-taking. That’s saying a lot and I damn-well mean it. You should probably go drink a ton of absinthe and go on some kind of mystery mission–likely to save a gold-plated crow from the clutches of an evil-doer.

Enjoy this album! It will shatter your mind and limits.
Hear the tracks here:

“Do you have it” is a hot more quintessential Frisell Jam. Can you dig it?

Feel the fire below.


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