Thursday’s Jam of The Day: Beach House

Beach House’s dream pop colored air music took the music world by storm with Teen Dream, 2010’s mega-popular album release. Since then, the now famous Baltimore duo has been on the tour circuit spinning an eclectic band following. However, since 2010, not much has emerged from the band about album plans and the future directive of the duo. But then, (dramatic pause), in February news emerged of an unconfirmed track-list as well as a new album, titled, Bloom . Turns out the unconfirmed hype was all real.

Yesterday,a  Beach House song emerged from the depths of the interwebs. It is quintessentially Beach House but the take is a bit different. The track is titled, “Myth” and it will be released on the band’s upcoming release, Bloom. “Myth” opens up like a willow blossom, or something happy but hauntingly mysterious. The song emerges slowly and steadily like wind in a hallway on a spring day, turning around  each bend slowly and freely. Beach House’s sound regroups and then expands like a fire billow. Their sound is rich and colorful in a way that has placed them above the rest in a dream pop world. “Myth” is a nice tease of what is to come from the Sub-Pop band. The song indicates a very clear evolution in the band’s song style.




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