Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Bowerbirds

North Carolina duo, Bowerbirds, recently launched their most recent album, The Clearing. The album is a very pleasant progressive, almost vintage folk pop work that combines the soft and lovely with a strangely contrary and dark theme. Nearly the entire album reflects on death, partings, and the ultimate end of all things juxtaposed against the familiar nature and love themes.

Something about this album is refreshing in this genre of music–it just seems well-balanced, fluid, and experimental including the usage of violin, cello, trombone, clarinet, organ, and vibraphone among others. From what I’ve read about Bowerbirds they have experienced a pretty wide spectrum of peaks and valleys over the past few years; maybe it was enough tumult to inspire and fuel the beautiful and instrumentally courageous, The Clearing. Simple, beautiful, evolved,  full-bodied, and weighty would be an accurate way of describing the Bowerbirds most recent album.  

 I think The Clearing  ultimately has a positive message–it’s an album that make something whole and solid from different pieces of disconnected experience and the intersection of the old vs. new and the future vs. past.



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