Thursday’s Hot Hot Jam of the Day: Clock Opera

Well damn and damn!

This just appeared! London-based electro- indie newcomers, Clock Opera, have just dropped their latest jam, titled: “Man Made.” Ways to Forget, the band’s upcoming debut album, featuring this song among other hot jamz, is set to launch on April 23rd on Moshi Moshi / Island Records. I’m stoked for these guys to hit the scene. Where should I begin? Hmmm, their approach is hard-hitting, futuristic, memorable, collaborative, and tastefully technical. Their infusion of syncopated synth strokes, accompanied by a killing drummer and excellent surreal vocals and electro fluency position Clock Opera to ride a massive wave of acclaim. These guys are making music that deserves to be heard on a big scale. I imagine these guys do a killing, high energy, body-moving live show. Basically, Clock Opera is enjoyable, plain and simple. They have a unique and talented approach that demonstrates a technical capacity for knowledgable multi-instrumentation under a pop guise. Clock Opera is a band that will have you hitting replay just so you return to an uplifting head-nodding trance. They’re basically savory whipped cream on your crepe!

The accompanying video for Clock Opera’s “Man Made” is an awesome surreal take and tribute to Freddy Mercury, role play, living in alternate fantastic realities, hilarious love, and compassion for dreaming and pleasure. It’s well shot and enjoyable to watch.

Also, these guys are a bunch of bad asses and are doing a  sweet super/hyper/jamz mix on SoundCloud. Get in on that–I’m expecting some high velocity cray cray stuff from Clock Opera. Clock Opera is about to explode and take the English music scene on a rebirth roller-coaster. 

Enjoy today’s sick nasty jam!


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