Friday’s Nothing but Pumped Up From Here Jam of the Day: Diplo (feat Nicky Da B)

After you listen to this jam, you won’t be able to listen to anything else that is not as high energy as Diplo’s latest dance jam, “Express Yourself.” It’s true this song has booties everywhere–but let’s be real here, Diplo and Nicky Da B have just dropped an ultimate party song. Since it’s Friday and kind of Glum out here in NYC, I think you all need to perk up at your jobs and get amped, stomp those feet, drop the hands, and head and booty shake–My buddy D-money sent this over to me yesterday and I knew then that this would be the track that would guide my weekend. Veteran Diplo has been dropping electro/hip hop/dance party dj sets for years now and has solidified himself as a mixer, producer, and turntableist extraordinaire.  “Express Yourself” will not let you down–I assure you this is an uber ridiculous hot jam. And Nicky Da B! Damn, all I can say is that Nicky Da B is crazy–he flows hard and fast and makes you want to dance–the butt’s everywhere make this song pretty hilarious and dirty. But honestly, if you can’t handle the video, just minimize the screen and listen to the cut. “Express Yourself” is an absurdly hot track that will leave you pumped up and wanting a dance hall to shake what you got. Diplo’s new album is going to drop in May. If “Express Yourself” is a tease of what to expect–then anticipate a crazy hot album.



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