Monday’s Absurdly Hot Jam of the Day: Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal is a man who has, like a musical shadow, been tracked and observed by many but his unique Chicago blues has remained allusive and almost mythical. From what I’ve heard, this man has a soulful integrity that can match some of the greats in the blues and soul-jazz  genre. Beal has received significant amounts of underground hype and on a consistent cycle. This cycle implies that he is the real-deal. The fact that his name continues to emerge randomly and again, like some kind of musical myth, means that Beal is a true force to be reckoned with and very much worth experiencing in person. Hype often dies but when it is maintained throughout different periods, it typically means something is truly happening that is worth paying attention to. I think the case is happening with Beal. The authentic musical cuisine that Beal cooks up for your ears and mind to indulge in has been rumored to be second to none.

 I am still yet to see the man live. Although he is truly at the top of my list. His music comes from a deep deep valley in his soul and seems to express everything he has experienced in every stanza. Beal has been working to attain musical notoriety and he has single-handedly achieved it. From what I’ve heard, Beal has one of the most penetrating voices I’ve heard in our generation and that is no small comment. He is a raw talent that sifts through uplifting wisdom and dark alley’s as your stroll around and experience his music.His up and coming album, Acousmatic Sorcery, will be out on April 3 through Hot Charity.

Dig Willis Earl Beal. There truly are not many out there like him right now.

Enjoy today’s jam of the day


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