Friday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Florence + The Machine vs. Clams Casino

We all know that Florence + The Machine have risen to heralded acclaim in the past years. Just  because the group has launched into stardom does not underpin their ability to produce hot tracks. Florence + the Machine recently prompted the release of the hot Ceremonials single, “Never Let Me Go.” This track is highly emotional and possibly the   best Florence + The Machine. The limited edition single will release on April 9th in the super-duper styled sexy 180 gram, White LP, with gold foil, and hand numbered  (for record geeks)  is now on pre-order. So why is this today’s jam?

Well, “Never Let Me Go” is hot– it’s hot in a sort of Titanicesque musical experience kind of way–if that makes any sense.  And in many ways, the song is a killer way to round out a rough work week.  This jam is about the experience that can happen with separation but focuses on the all-encompassing  glory of connection that can strengthen the weakest of limbs. It’s a solid and pretty epic cut. What’s more though, is that the soon to release, limited edition, F+TM fanboy single’s side B includes a hot version of  the all ready powerful “Never Let Me Go,” remixed by Clams Casino. Clams Casino elevate the song to different and interesting new-levels of epicness and power with their remix, a remix that rivals some of the better ones out there.  



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