Tuesday’s Killing it Jam of the Day: S/S/S

Who are S/S/S and why is this new break out Ep titled, “Beak and Claw” so important? S/S/S is the masterful collaborative project of Sufjan Stevens, rapper–Serengeti, & NYC composer–Son Lux. To me, the sound that this trio has produced might just be the future of psych folk hip hop pop over the next ten years. This album is different, super different. In one sense it captures movements in hip hop, electronic, orchestrated pop, and various movement across these genres–in another sense, it represents the perfect fusion of these approaches. It’s not a tacky fusion, it’s as if these musics were made for each other. It feels dystopian,  super psych-folk , wisdom inlaid complexity, hard driving, catchy and digestible. Anticon has launched an EP that’s positive consequences will be felt and observed widely across the music community.

This album is the best album of 2012 and I think it will be the best album throughout the year. It’s unique and visionary unto itself. It’s like Alopecia, it’s like an orchestra, it’s like a tonal field, it’s like a picture with loose brush strokes that begs you to fill in the space. S/S/S have developed a sound that may play a major role in moving music collaboration, thinking, and surrealism forward. The three men bring their own practice, vision, sound design, approach, and thinking together in this album. Each of their approaches, and opinions are apparent but cohesive. This kind of melding of music does not always work out. The musical atmosphere that this EP covers in a mere four tracks is mind-boggling and the overlays and Boswell sisteresque choruses bring everything to a crushing and blissful comfort.  S/S/S works perfectly and the after-taste is good one of perfect, playful chaos that will send this album into fame. The EP is streaming on the Anticon bandcamp as well. http://anticon.bandcamp.com/album/beak-claw



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