Friday’s hot Sick Nasty funky Jam of the Day: Bo Diddley (The Black Gladiator ) Reissue

Who gets down with the get down like a bad ass funk machine?  Bo Diddley gets down with the get down like a bad ass funk machine. Fact.

Well let’s just face it, we are damn lucky to be seeing this amazing original work that is crazily underappreciated get a reissue!  The Black Gladiator  is Bo Diddley’s signature 1970 psych-funk space alien marsupial dance party that’s soul mission on this planet is to rip you out of your seat on a journey to funk nirvana! Again, fact. The Black Gladiator makes you feel like a Funky Fly” that keeps running into the windows of a psychotic funk opera where the only option is to escape by reverse parachute–you fall up is what I’m saying. Diddley is a  bad ass  from the opera funk rebellion and this album’s reissue marks a renaissance in this man’s absurdly enjoyable funk style. The Black Gladiator is Bo Diddley’s craziest full-length; when it launched it was met with question and confusion; the truth is that his blues funk has a special place in the world of cutting edge jamz and all things awesome. The fact that this album graced our planet once is a tribute to the lords of funk. Unfortunately The Black Gladiator disappeared into a black-hole of absurdity because of how forward leaning its’ sound was–which is a damn shame. But it’s back and badder than ever. Here’s to a great reissue. Go buy this reissue or forever rest in funkless peace.

One question: “Who’s the man that loves all the women?” ” You Bo, Bo Diddley!”
Now get ready for an intergalactic funky space odyssey. Happy Friday.



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