Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Levon Helm

Where to begin? Levon Helm was a man who seems to have weathered the toughest valley’s and trials that can be thrown at a person. He’s made of grits and steel. In 2007 Helm made a comeback album called Dirt Farmer; the album is genius.  Helm’s sound, but more importantly his character stayed strong throughout the entirety of his long musical life. This video shows you just how long Helm stayed true to his beliefs, singing, and drumming. Today’s jam, “Poor Old Dirt Farmer” is a video that show’s what this almost mythical man was made of. Up until his last days, Helm treated his music like he treated his life–with know-how, simplicity, and honesty. His contribution to the music world. Helm’s characteristic blue-grass/zydeco/farmer-man blues are unique unto himself and his strong howling voice will resonate forever. It is safe to say that Helm is one of the most soulful drummers in rock history. RIP.

Enjoy today’s jam.


Friday’s Absurd Sick Nasty Hot Dirty Jam of the Day: Spank Rock and SantiGold

Where the hell have I been? Sorry guys– I dropped the ball big here and had no idea about this newish video for Spank Rock’s Jam with SantiGold off his album that launch last september. The album is hot!  Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar does not let-down and represents Spank’s second full-length LP. Check it out if you missed it!  The album feature’s several super hot jams and a few masterful tag-teams with Big Freedia to SantiGold  to Boys Noize. “Car Song” off of Spank’s album (with SantiGold)  is so hot but this more recent video that I didn’t pick-up on launched in February and  satisfies the song in every way!  Damn, this video is hot on so many levels. Dig today’s Jam. And yeah, because I failed so big on catching the video with SantiGold, enjoy this extra off of Spank’s album. “#1 Hit” basically speaks to all the corporate music crap that so many many musicians go through. Basically, Spank has lost nothing and this album and these videos are the evidence. Spank’s/ Naheem’s swagger, ease on the mic, jamz,  sick stage presence, and party-rock jamz never dissatisfy! And yeah, SantiGold! Who can say anything bad about her? I mean damn, her style, attitude, voice, swagger, and presence rival the best. Also, Sahbazz Palaces did the hot remix of “Car Song”–Dig it too

Spank and Santi throw down as the perfect duo. Dig today’s jam of the day

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: The Very Best

Esau Mwamwaya and Johan Hugo (of Radioclit) are together again as The Very Best. They will be launching  anew album this summer and the anticipation of it is huge! The album name will be, MTMTMK.  The Very Best’s first single below is a killer play off of Lil Wayne’s  “A Milli”; The jam  “Yoshua Alikuti” is amazing and does not live down the global beat and collaborative passion that The Very Best has come to symbolize. Be stoked for this release and this new jam.


Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: YACHT

YACHT’s Music and concert fall into the umm category of some kind of pop psychosis. Strangely enough, it works well in spoonfuls. If you haven’t seem them live, go check them out, the energy of the gig matches their music to a T.   The band dances with you and the energy is a bit madhouse nuts.

Today’s jam is from YACHT, titled, “Utopia and Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)” “and were filmed in Los Angeles, California, at Mad Dog Video.” It’s conception is a crazy psychedelic joyride through insanity and pop beats. That said, you will be bobbing your head and convulsing–two often synonymous acts. If you’re feeling like enjoy a nice day with massive energy, check out YACHT.


Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Death Grips

Death Grips are about to hit the stores in a big way! Their album, The Money Store Launched and the video for the hot jam “I’ve Seen Footage” just launched recently! Death Grips easily fall into the competition for hottest rap punk  album of the year. More importantly, if you’re not having a seizure on account of this video of rapid-fire still images, watch it again.

Death Grips express some kind of intense ADHD rage rap–almost metal rap. Their jamz are basically a big mean eff-you  to establishment music with a dark  attitude of pure intensity driven forward by electronic infused energy and heavy beats. This video articulate Death Grips  maniacal nature.


Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Patato y Totico

Patato y Totico is no doubt one of the most seminal afro-cuban recordings of the 20th century–of all time. Many, many, many musicologists would consider the 1968 Patato y Totico album to be the definitive rumba recording and possibly one the greatest rumbero recordings, period. But in truth, a purist would conted that it cannot and never will be an”authentic” rumba because some tracks offer instrumentation beyond drums and vocals. Rumba of course is music of the drums and vocals with a deep rooting in african rhythm and dance. But we can put it this way, Patato, the Cadiavieco brothers, and Juan ‘Curva’ Dreke, bassist Cachao, and playing the tres is none other than Arsenio Rodriguez together make an afro-cuban musical dream team, like of which have not been made before or after. This album is a collector’s item as nice as ever seen.

A music this nice rarely comes together as it did with Patato y Totico! Enjoy some cuts off this true classic.

Friday’s Super Hot Jams of The Day: Delta Blues Classics

Easily my favorite genre . God damn it’s gorgeous out and so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Delta Blues Artists with y’all. The Delta blues is a mythical sound of american culture; most everything we hold dear in american music today originated in the Mississippi Delta: from Tennessee in the north to Mississippi in the south, the Mississippi River to the Yazoo River on the east. Delta Blues describes a zeitgeist in american roots musical culture, a renaissance of sound and sonic understanding, a revolution in passionate, painful, bellowing, and working man’s poetry. Delta blues are the rich legacy of American music that forms the foundation of all we hear today.

I hope you love today’s jam!

 Skip James:

Robert Johnson:


Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Thursday’s Super Hot Jam of the Day: Tendai Baba Maraire

Today’s Jam of the Day is in honor of Zimbabwe’s Birthday yesterday and a great promise for a NW hip hop renaissance.

This is a beautifully uplifting and spiritually enlightened new single from Tendai Baba Maraire, The kalimba in this song may sound familiar—maybe like a certain sick Seattle based rap group… Hmmmm but who?  Maraire is also in Shabazz Palaces. Maraire’s present to his homeland’s independence is this song; “rhodZi” “is a celebration of Zimbabwe’s Independence Day and a tribute to the Zimbabwean people’s fight against Cecil Rhodes and European imperialism.”


The Kalimba memory is here


Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Dale Earnhadt Jr. JR.

The Video to “We Almost Lost Detroit” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., from It’s A Corporate World, the duos debut album just launched.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. go about performing all shows in Nascar emblazened gear. Between the band name and their debut LP title, It’s a Corporate World, tthat launched last year, you might think them to be some kind of social project. Hit play on the album though and the Detroit band soulfully launch into an electro-indie-soul pop dazzling affair for the ears. “The name, the costumes, and the anti-corporate rumblings all but melt away once you hit play on It’s a Corporate World.”

Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott’s collaboration adventures unfold throughout this very poppy and listenable album. The music is soft, agreeable and well-put together. There is nothing to vehemently dislike about the duo’s project–it flows. The video to “We Almost Lost Detroit” really captures the essence of the Detroit community. It’s cool to see a killing music secene emerge from Detroit.