Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Philip Glass

Today’s Jam of the day is a bit different from the norm–but what is the norm? My good buddy sent me an email telling me to check out this gorgeous composition by the virtuosic Philip Glass titled, “Evening Song Act III Pt. 3 (Satyagraha)” This piece does not fail your imagination or senses in the least.  Not to mention this entire opera is about Gandhi which makes it about 10,000 fold more awesome than it already is.

This piece by Glass is a large-scale choral work that is operatic in nature and complexity. The dramatic vocal ensemble juxtaposes the suspenseful yet pleasant orchestrated backdrop. “While the satyagrahis labor on their communal farm, amid the harshness of their work they hear a little glimpse of this eternal beauty. That beautiful reality, intensified and purified, is what Gandhi is (re)joined with at the close of the opera.”

Enjoy today’s stunning jam of the day.


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