Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Willis Earl Beal

So I wrote about Willis Earl Beal not too long ago. I think he deserves to be thrown into the spotlight again today. THis past weekend I had the honor of seeing him headline a show at the Mercury. Most of his tour involves him opening for bands that frankly I think match strangely with his sound. That said, I hope he gets all the acclaim and recognition that he deserves. How would I wrap up my experience at his show. I can say that I was in awe of his raw intensity throughout his entire performance. Beal belts his words with dark shadows and lighter wisps of air. He may read Bukowski to you and he may sing his music like a rap or a soulful gospel doo-wop. His music will then tumble across you with chaos and heated wisdom as he sings in a way that can only be compared to the reading of Howl or to the Tom Waits experience during a song like, “Chocolate Jesus.” Beal delivers one of the most memorable and truly raw emotional shows you will see this year–if ever. He’s a one man act and by the end of the show, it feels as if you have traveled to his personal abyss  and returned to, if nothing else, a place of contemplation. Willis Earl Beal is amazing live and his album is titled, Acousmatic Sorcery is bad ass. Beal’s truthful expression of emotion  is on a level-with the brilliant of the musical world.




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