Thursday’s Awesome Jam of the Day: Dimlite

I guess it’s “One Of Uh Infinity’s Countless Uh Tiny Cycles.”. Dimlite has, for years now, been producing completely unique bin diving inspired cuts. He has produced music to many different avant garde variations of genres including hip hop, brazilian, soul, funk, and pop, and heard music. That description could represent any number of producers. But here lies the point, Dimlite is not like any other producer. His style casts each song through a series of interesting conflicts leaving you, the listener, on a wave of sound experience. Often when one listens to Dimlite, one can’t help but sail from reality into an imaginative dreamscape that is only defined by the objects we notice via our senses, the rest is exploratory as one moves with each musical experiment and wave of expression. Dimlite’s latest album, Grimm Reality is quintessential to Dimlite stylistically, only it differs itself from previous albums in the way that Dimlite differs all of his albums–it’s just different, that simple–he aproaches each album through a news lens. It is Dimlite’s natural and technical ability to explore different genres that has made him the musical genius he is.

Dimlite’s albums, and this album is no exception, often move like a tide in and out of the agreeable and digestible to the hypnotic to the chaotic and unagreeable. He draws inspirations from sounds we hear everyday and or sounds that we only hear a second of–and he fuses them together as if they were meant to be there, completely and perfectly incongruous from the start. It really is quite beautiful to listen to and hear how Dimlite works his magic.



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