Friday’s Hot Jam of the Day: PINS

PINS,PINS, {Pins and needles}? Lost.

PINS caught my ear this morning in a way that an all female rock group can. They hail from Manchester and are basically a bunch of bad asses. Without question, they fall into the same genre of straight ahead rock complimented by darker but airy lyrical harmonies as Dum Dum Girls, Grass Widow, The Sandwitches, and others of this class do. The groups just listed devour this genre and push out the rest because they rock in the best way possible. Similarly, PINS are just emerging on the scene but seeem to rock it hard. My guess is that as their name get’s out there and as they continue to kick ass, they’ll  carve out their own niche of sound in this genre and I have no problem including them with the above pack of awesomeness.  The single that just launched is called “Eleventh Hour” and its more than worth a minute of your time. You’ll probably be playing it on repeat and wondering when the full-LP will drop. The PINS  play straight ahead rock and they really don’t mess around with it. I’m hoping they get on tour and hop over to NYC soon.

Enjoy today sweet Jam of the Day. Oh and if you’re into tapes. They just released a limited edition gold tape. 


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