Monday’s Mind Blowingly Hot Jam of the Day: Bayatas

Bayatas! Ow!

Where to begin? Its gorgeous outside. Frankly all of this beautiful Spring weather is bringing out the craving to spend time outdoors, at the beach, and dancing. I recently stumbled across the bandcamp page for Miami’s Bayatas. Bayatas is the name of Gabriel Berrios’ bright, tropicalia inspired, rythym guided, and upbeat new project. Bayatas, previously Tree Hopper, is is going to take the Miami music scene to new levels–a possible dance renaissance is on the horizon with the Bayatas advent.

Berrios described his move to Miami and his new project well when he said, “The more that’s left to the imagination, the better. Its the same way with Miami—this stale, bright jewel, some sort of luxury, and a very valid connection to my hispanic roots—and so I made these few songs to really explore it… Probably everything I’ve recorded, was influenced by Miami.” (Download two tracks for free now).

His singles, “The Hand Effect” and “What is the dream in the future” are a raucous world rhythm shredded through with hints of punk and pop calibrations.  His sound is “energetic, explosive, and addictive.”   These first two songs are impressive as ever and delicious tastes of Bayatas’ LP to come.



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