Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Dale Earnhadt Jr. JR.

The Video to “We Almost Lost Detroit” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., from It’s A Corporate World, the duos debut album just launched.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. go about performing all shows in Nascar emblazened gear. Between the band name and their debut LP title, It’s a Corporate World, tthat launched last year, you might think them to be some kind of social project. Hit play on the album though and the Detroit band soulfully launch into an electro-indie-soul pop dazzling affair for the ears. “The name, the costumes, and the anti-corporate rumblings all but melt away once you hit play on It’s a Corporate World.”

Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott’s collaboration adventures unfold throughout this very poppy and listenable album. The music is soft, agreeable and well-put together. There is nothing to vehemently dislike about the duo’s project–it flows. The video to “We Almost Lost Detroit” really captures the essence of the Detroit community. It’s cool to see a killing music secene emerge from Detroit.



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