Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Patato y Totico

Patato y Totico is no doubt one of the most seminal afro-cuban recordings of the 20th century–of all time. Many, many, many musicologists would consider the 1968 Patato y Totico album to be the definitive rumba recording and possibly one the greatest rumbero recordings, period. But in truth, a purist would conted that it cannot and never will be an”authentic” rumba because some tracks offer instrumentation beyond drums and vocals. Rumba of course is music of the drums and vocals with a deep rooting in african rhythm and dance. But we can put it this way, Patato, the Cadiavieco brothers, and Juan ‘Curva’ Dreke, bassist Cachao, and playing the tres is none other than Arsenio Rodriguez together make an afro-cuban musical dream team, like of which have not been made before or after. This album is a collector’s item as nice as ever seen.

A music this nice rarely comes together as it did with Patato y Totico! Enjoy some cuts off this true classic.


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