Friday’s Absurd Sick Nasty Hot Dirty Jam of the Day: Spank Rock and SantiGold

Where the hell have I been? Sorry guys– I dropped the ball big here and had no idea about this newish video for Spank Rock’s Jam with SantiGold off his album that launch last september. The album is hot!  Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar does not let-down and represents Spank’s second full-length LP. Check it out if you missed it!  The album feature’s several super hot jams and a few masterful tag-teams with Big Freedia to SantiGold  to Boys Noize. “Car Song” off of Spank’s album (with SantiGold)  is so hot but this more recent video that I didn’t pick-up on launched in February and  satisfies the song in every way!  Damn, this video is hot on so many levels. Dig today’s Jam. And yeah, because I failed so big on catching the video with SantiGold, enjoy this extra off of Spank’s album. “#1 Hit” basically speaks to all the corporate music crap that so many many musicians go through. Basically, Spank has lost nothing and this album and these videos are the evidence. Spank’s/ Naheem’s swagger, ease on the mic, jamz,  sick stage presence, and party-rock jamz never dissatisfy! And yeah, SantiGold! Who can say anything bad about her? I mean damn, her style, attitude, voice, swagger, and presence rival the best. Also, Sahbazz Palaces did the hot remix of “Car Song”–Dig it too

Spank and Santi throw down as the perfect duo. Dig today’s jam of the day


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