Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Levon Helm

Where to begin? Levon Helm was a man who seems to have weathered the toughest valley’s and trials that can be thrown at a person. He’s made of grits and steel. In 2007 Helm made a comeback album called Dirt Farmer; the album is genius.  Helm’s sound, but more importantly his character stayed strong throughout the entirety of his long musical life. This video shows you just how long Helm stayed true to his beliefs, singing, and drumming. Today’s jam, “Poor Old Dirt Farmer” is a video that show’s what this almost mythical man was made of. Up until his last days, Helm treated his music like he treated his life–with know-how, simplicity, and honesty. His contribution to the music world. Helm’s characteristic blue-grass/zydeco/farmer-man blues are unique unto himself and his strong howling voice will resonate forever. It is safe to say that Helm is one of the most soulful drummers in rock history. RIP.

Enjoy today’s jam.


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