Thursday’s Jams of the Day: Dale Hawkins and The Blue Things

Well hell yes plus some extra boom. I was cruising through some tunes today when I came across these crazy ass guys who I had all but forgotten about and then yes–yes, was all that crossed my mind. It is gorgeous out and  The Blue Things want you to spend the day outside chillin’ like “La Do-Dada.” Also, I’ve been hearing so much synth lately that some classics need to put an end to that for the week.

In 1965, The Blue Things covered the eternally famous Dale Hawkins song, “La-Do-Dada,” stepped up the tempo and introduced heartland garage rock. This jam is not British invasion as we know; rather, these guys take it to new levels of american bade assery and produce what can only be characterized as British Invasion heartland rock. The Blue Things came from Kansas and took garage rock to new-levels though they were largely under the radar. When listening to these guys you can’t help but feel a nostalgia for true garage rock.



Wednesday’s Hot Hot Jam of the Day: Liars

Holy shit, Liars blow my mind. Also, I’m sorry for  not writing the past two days–things got away from me. Let’s get on with it though. Today’s jams come from Liars, the art rockers are prepping to release their sixth studio album on June 5 under the title of WIXIW. What does this palindrome mean? Honestly, I have no clue. Maybe it is is an end unto itself.

The artistic approaches taken by Liars is for the love of the sound. In a recent interview Angus of Liars said,”It’s a palindrome, and that interested us as far as the idea of starting somewhere, going through a lot of work, and ending up in the same place you started.” This is beautifully put and full of awesome musical potential as far as concept goes.

This album is electronic and sample heavy and while it is inot so much about rock it is about essence of music with a focus of beat and sonic intent. This album is streaming all over the place and is well worth your time.

Enjoy today’s amazingly hot jam of the day.

Friday’s Spectacular Get Pumped Up For Broadway Jam of the Day: Jesus Christ Superstar

Think what you want,

I have a thing for musicals and yeah I’m stupid excited for tonight’s musical. Last week I posted about Book of Mormon before attending the musical and it rocked my world. However, I am arguably more excited for tonight’s Andrew Lloyd Webber production of Jesus Christ Superstar, the bad ass rock opera that took the world by storm in 1971. The musical is based very loosely but awesomely based on the Gospels’ account of the last week of Jesus’ life– and while I’m not religious, the performance rocks to levels unknown to mortals. 

The work’s depiction is super psychological in its effort to depict the various psyches and experience  of Jesus and the other characters–with a primary focus on Judas. A large part of the plot focuses on the character of the tragic and misunderstood Judas, confused, misdirected, and bewildered. I’m stoked. Why? It’s one of my favorite musicals and it went off-Broadway and has had sporadic returns with less than major acclaim. However on October 4, 2011 it was announced that this production would transfer to the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway, with previews beginning March 1, 2012 and an official opening on March 22. In May 2012, the Broadway revival was nominated for two Tony Awards, one for Best Revival, and another for Best Featured actor for Josh Young’s portrayal of Judas. Basically, it’s gonna kick ass. Enjoy today’s shout outs to the awesome Jesus Christ Superstar.

Can you dig it?

Thursday’s Beautiful Jam of the Day: Soko

The music that SoKo produces has some level of sincere authenticity that comes from an innocently clumsy that is near impossible to articulate. It’s heart-warming and isolating at once and accomplishes a full-bodied folkish sentiment and orchestration that gathers the intensity manifested in her soul’s mind. This song moves between the prospect of death or loss and the value of love and embracing it.

SoKo previously released “First Love Never Die” and “I Thought I Was An Alien.”Both songs had a bouncy and encouraging impact on the mind and ears of a would-be listener , both grabbing a depth of compassion that is not always clearly in musical excursions. “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” is her latest video and supports her full-length. SoKo once again heralds her admiration and want for true love–she almost asks you if you are there with her. More importantly though, she exclaims that you should always make time for love for sharing feelings and emotion. The video portrays life at home in strong juxtaposition with cemetery images. SoKo wants you to seize-the-day and never forget what is the one thing that is of real value in this lifetime. Her album, I Thought I Was An Alien launched a bit ago. I think you need to go out and get it.

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Oh No + Doom

Well damn,

It’s about time–Doom returns with a five inch, “3 Dollars” the partnership with Madlibs brother, Oh No has been a long time coming and Oh No will be releasing a new album, Ohnomite in June–the first track features none other than Doom dropping it dirty and hard as usual. All that needs to be said is that, while Doom might’ve dropped the MF from his name,  that’s all he’s missing these days – based on his showing up on this single  his flow and approach still has all it’s graceful and awesome integrity intact. My only wish is that the track lasted more than 90 seconds. Is what it is I guess. That said, Oh No has really impressed with Ohnomite, a record comprised entirely of samples from the classic blaxploitation kung-fu flick Dolemite–it’s a super classic.


Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Willis Earl Beal

Beal graces this website once again. This awesome video was shot of Beal singing his soulful, haunting,  and almost sacrificial song, “Disintegrating” through a telephone. Just imagine receiving that phone call. Beale is our generations Tom Waites–but in his own unique spirit. The artistic relationship is intense and emotional.  I had the honor of seeing him headline an intimate show and all I can say is that you he will make you drop your jaw in awe. Beal belts his words from thee deepest depth of his belly with dark shadows and complimentary lighter shades engulfing each lyric. He may read Bukowski, rap, blues, poetry, experience –his music has a hue of its own and today’s jam and cinematic exploration highlights Beal in a beautifully and creative way.  Willis Earl Beal’s album Acousmatic Sorcery is spectacular, go get it.



Wednesday’s Beautiful Jam of the Day: Cold Specks

Cold Specks, (Al Spx), Intended to hit Law School, Spx, placed all of her energy and time into her passion for music seen in Cold Specks. Cold Specks is debuting a first album and it can only be categorized as beautifully haunting and inspired  project that needs to be heard  far and wide.

The video, “Winter Solstice,” is chalked full of imagery and metaphor as Spx negotiates and overcomes, maybe turns her back on, but looks to the future always through a unique bracing of personal history, fear, and aspiration.  The song is soulful and gorgeous, a style that few capture. Imagine sitting by a reflection of yourself, contemplating personal potential and accomplishment on a rainy day. The song concludes with an acknowledgement of the importance of one’s past and development. It is a stunning song and the potential for Spx appears to be tremendous.

Enjoy today’s brilliant jam of the day

Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Kindness

Kindness’ Adam Bainbridge just put together a pretty stellar and intriguing music video. His creative approach is very cool. “House,” grows like bean sprout and open s up into a blossom of his musical thinking. This album critiques and examines pop music to date in a humorous and well-developed fashion. The two questions that Bainbridge is concerned most with are; “Who do adults resent it so and why do I like it?” The video is compelling event though the song itself is presented incomplete. It’s a great song and Bainbridge’s brief  but eloquent reflections are a nice complement. The song will be released as a single on Casablanca/Terrible.