Today’s Hot Sick Nasty Shout To The Gods of the Synth Past Jam of the Day: Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Really not much needs to be said for this song except!

Hooo ha, hoo ha–welcome to the pleasure dome.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome was the debut release of Frankie Goes to Hollywood in October 1984.
Tear away the envy you have of these guys–we all have to sit back, relax and acknowledge Welcome to the Pleasuredome for all its glorioous, bombastic,outrageously over-the-top, bizarre crazy musical mayhem. It is the synth craziness of this caliber that will live on as gold for eternity! I had a seizure from synth hypnosis about 3 minutes ago. It’s true, “We’re a long way from home.” These are songs about  sex, love and the Cold War. Does it get much better I ask you?

No, it doesn’t.

Enjoy today’s awesome jam of the day!


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