A Special Jam of the Day Tribute: Maurice Sendak

He was a true icon of mine.Sendak throughout his life produced a  collection of nearly 10,000 works of art, manuscripts, books and creative projects. Sendak often quoted Melville’s writing, saying, “There’s a mystery there, a clue, a nut, a bolt, and if I put it together, I find me.” I think there’s some beauty to that line. Anyway, it’s a sad day and his impact on generations and generations to come (young and old) has been and will continue to be  massive. It took years for Sendak to entrust his beloved story with a director and frankly, I think Spike Jones captured the spirit of Sendak and his story’s intent. Where The Wild Things Are was only one of hundreds of books Sendak played a role in. He was prolific, brilliant and should be remembered ‘til the end of time. I thought it would be fitting to play Arcade Fire’s contribution to the Spike Jones movie. Sendak’s stories often tackled sophisticated topics well-beyond the years of child readers. He didn’t write for children he just wrote. An artist ’til his last days.

In honor of Maurice Sendak.


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