Thursday’s Super New Release Jam of the Day: Animal Collective


For all you Animal Collective fans out there, Animal Collective are back with a new 7 inch single titled “Honeycomb / Gotham” featuring two brand new songs. Domino released the jamz on the 3rd. The singles will be available at Domino on June 26th. I really enjoyed reading how they described these new jams; ” its like an alien band sampling material from Earth, such as radio signals beamed into space. Basically this is aspot on description because “Honeycomb” samples a radio promo spot before launching into a collage of pan-galactic gargle blasters (sorry for the overly nerdy Douglas Adams reference). This new evolution in Animal Collective dives, swiggles and resembles an enchanted love fortress of pop-vant-garde.  “Gotham” on the other hand of the space alien sample excursion takes on a much darker hint of solar flares sparse dives into intangible isolation and comfort of spiritual awakeness that space might offer. I’m really digging the direction that AC is demonstrating with their latest excursion in sound.


Enjoy today’s hot jamz


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