Friday’s Banging Jam of the Day: Azaelia Banks

She just keeps dropping them and they keep going off! Azaelia Banks just dropped the hottest jam! The cut she just dropped is on par with 212 and yeah, I want to hear this in a club I’m certain it could go off in some kind of crazy way. Azaelia Banks has been taking the music scene by storm and this latest track titled “Jumaji” is the perfect addition to her style. “Jumanji” moves deep into club track land and is deserving of it. as it eaves hot samples throughout its entirety. Yeah, steel drums are addicting and poppy synth crescendos are hot throughout the whole song.

Lions, tigers, giraffes, board games and Azaelia Banks dropping her hot voice all over your face–“Jumanji” the perfect board game. Whenever someone mentions “Jumanji” to me from now on, I’ll definitely think of this new Azealia Banks which was produced by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook. This track should have been the theme music to the movie.  The jam will be seen on Azealia’s soon to be released mixtape Fantastic.

Dig it!


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