Wednesday’s Beautiful Jam of the Day: Cold Specks

Cold Specks, (Al Spx), Intended to hit Law School, Spx, placed all of her energy and time into her passion for music seen in Cold Specks. Cold Specks is debuting a first album and it can only be categorized as beautifully haunting and inspired  project that needs to be heard  far and wide.

The video, “Winter Solstice,” is chalked full of imagery and metaphor as Spx negotiates and overcomes, maybe turns her back on, but looks to the future always through a unique bracing of personal history, fear, and aspiration.  The song is soulful and gorgeous, a style that few capture. Imagine sitting by a reflection of yourself, contemplating personal potential and accomplishment on a rainy day. The song concludes with an acknowledgement of the importance of one’s past and development. It is a stunning song and the potential for Spx appears to be tremendous.

Enjoy today’s brilliant jam of the day


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