Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Willis Earl Beal

Beal graces this website once again. This awesome video was shot of Beal singing his soulful, haunting,  and almost sacrificial song, “Disintegrating” through a telephone. Just imagine receiving that phone call. Beale is our generations Tom Waites–but in his own unique spirit. The artistic relationship is intense and emotional.  I had the honor of seeing him headline an intimate show and all I can say is that you he will make you drop your jaw in awe. Beal belts his words from thee deepest depth of his belly with dark shadows and complimentary lighter shades engulfing each lyric. He may read Bukowski, rap, blues, poetry, experience –his music has a hue of its own and today’s jam and cinematic exploration highlights Beal in a beautifully and creative way.  Willis Earl Beal’s album Acousmatic Sorcery is spectacular, go get it.




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