Thursday’s Beautiful Jam of the Day: Soko

The music that SoKo produces has some level of sincere authenticity that comes from an innocently clumsy that is near impossible to articulate. It’s heart-warming and isolating at once and accomplishes a full-bodied folkish sentiment and orchestration that gathers the intensity manifested in her soul’s mind. This song moves between the prospect of death or loss and the value of love and embracing it.

SoKo previously released “First Love Never Die” and “I Thought I Was An Alien.”Both songs had a bouncy and encouraging impact on the mind and ears of a would-be listener , both grabbing a depth of compassion that is not always clearly in musical excursions. “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” is her latest video and supports her full-length. SoKo once again heralds her admiration and want for true love–she almost asks you if you are there with her. More importantly though, she exclaims that you should always make time for love for sharing feelings and emotion. The video portrays life at home in strong juxtaposition with cemetery images. SoKo wants you to seize-the-day and never forget what is the one thing that is of real value in this lifetime. Her album, I Thought I Was An Alien launched a bit ago. I think you need to go out and get it.


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