Friday’s Spectacular Get Pumped Up For Broadway Jam of the Day: Jesus Christ Superstar

Think what you want,

I have a thing for musicals and yeah I’m stupid excited for tonight’s musical. Last week I posted about Book of Mormon before attending the musical and it rocked my world. However, I am arguably more excited for tonight’s Andrew Lloyd Webber production of Jesus Christ Superstar, the bad ass rock opera that took the world by storm in 1971. The musical is based very loosely but awesomely based on the Gospels’ account of the last week of Jesus’ life– and while I’m not religious, the performance rocks to levels unknown to mortals. 

The work’s depiction is super psychological in its effort to depict the various psyches and experience  of Jesus and the other characters–with a primary focus on Judas. A large part of the plot focuses on the character of the tragic and misunderstood Judas, confused, misdirected, and bewildered. I’m stoked. Why? It’s one of my favorite musicals and it went off-Broadway and has had sporadic returns with less than major acclaim. However on October 4, 2011 it was announced that this production would transfer to the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway, with previews beginning March 1, 2012 and an official opening on March 22. In May 2012, the Broadway revival was nominated for two Tony Awards, one for Best Revival, and another for Best Featured actor for Josh Young’s portrayal of Judas. Basically, it’s gonna kick ass. Enjoy today’s shout outs to the awesome Jesus Christ Superstar.

Can you dig it?


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