Wednesday’s Hot Hot Jam of the Day: Liars

Holy shit, Liars blow my mind. Also, I’m sorry for  not writing the past two days–things got away from me. Let’s get on with it though. Today’s jams come from Liars, the art rockers are prepping to release their sixth studio album on June 5 under the title of WIXIW. What does this palindrome mean? Honestly, I have no clue. Maybe it is is an end unto itself.

The artistic approaches taken by Liars is for the love of the sound. In a recent interview Angus of Liars said,”It’s a palindrome, and that interested us as far as the idea of starting somewhere, going through a lot of work, and ending up in the same place you started.” This is beautifully put and full of awesome musical potential as far as concept goes.

This album is electronic and sample heavy and while it is inot so much about rock it is about essence of music with a focus of beat and sonic intent. This album is streaming all over the place and is well worth your time.

Enjoy today’s amazingly hot jam of the day.


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