Thursday’s Jams of the Day: Dale Hawkins and The Blue Things

Well hell yes plus some extra boom. I was cruising through some tunes today when I came across these crazy ass guys who I had all but forgotten about and then yes–yes, was all that crossed my mind. It is gorgeous out and  The Blue Things want you to spend the day outside chillin’ like “La Do-Dada.” Also, I’ve been hearing so much synth lately that some classics need to put an end to that for the week.

In 1965, The Blue Things covered the eternally famous Dale Hawkins song, “La-Do-Dada,” stepped up the tempo and introduced heartland garage rock. This jam is not British invasion as we know; rather, these guys take it to new levels of american bade assery and produce what can only be characterized as British Invasion heartland rock. The Blue Things came from Kansas and took garage rock to new-levels though they were largely under the radar. When listening to these guys you can’t help but feel a nostalgia for true garage rock.



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