Friday’s Awesome Awesome Super Awesome Jam of the Day: The Phenomenauts


This is amazing. These guys, The Phonemauts, may be as cheesy as they come!!! I don’t care. Why? I don’t care because they love Neil Degrasse Tyson! I too love this man.

The song and video is everything I’ve ever wanted. The whole video is completely full of the best and greatest comments by Mr. Awesome Astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson–the band then follows his commentary with a pumped up, “I’m with Neil” chant! Everything Neil says is gold and his balanced and well thought out, often compelling arguments in favor of continued investments is NASA and science are profound and on point!

Way to be Phenomenauts!!!!

I’m With Neil!



Wednesday’s Hot SUper Hot Jam of the Day: St. Vincent With David Byrne

St. Vincent and David Byrne recently announced a c collaborative album that has been heavily anticipated for some time now, titled,  Love This Giant . The hot album is made up of 12 Talking Headsish songs, and will be released on September 11th

Ten of the 12 songs were written collaboratively and the horns were contributed by musicians from the Dap-Kings and Antibalas.  This album is a hot and “infectious and hook-laden” and representative of what it means to produce a true collaboration. The tour is gonna be hot. If you’re not excited, you sould be because both artists are quite proud of this collaboration.

Wow, this is hot–talk about two power talents. Enjoy this new jam that will release on album September 11th.

Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Beirut

This past week Beirut released a stunning video for “The Rip Tide”, the title track from their 2011 album. The video is stunning, truly stunning and is an excellent example of when a music video production finds the intersection point of music and experience, sending your eyes and mind on a beautiful and memorable ocean voyage, capturing the essence of the song and depicting/completing the band’s view and expression..

Zach Condon was quoted saying,
“I always felt that “The Rip Tide” wasn’t fully able to project its own ambitions in song form.. no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone… the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself…”


Friday’s Summer Heat Jam of the Day: The Almighty Defenders

Well well well…
I gotta say–I’m stoked that King Khan is coming back with vengeance. I know he’s had an album out with the Shrines for a bit now–However, his latest video reminds me of just how much I love his unique kind of craziness–I got to reflecting on a project he was involved with that you may or may not be familiar with. This was one of those projects that the term “bad-assery” barely does justice for. If you missed it, dig on it now. Can we call it Gospel Swamp Punk ?

Enjoy Friday’s hot jamz. OWWW

Thursday’s Hot Jam of the Day: King Khan and The Shrines

Well damn damn damn,
Where do we go here? W go on a magical hardcore journey to psychotic and crazed land of King Khan and the Shrines. King Khan & The Shrines have made their first music video since 2009 . “Bite my Tongue” is the lucky song to receive a jam video and well it rocks. As you’d expect. King Khan is now famous for being generally awesome, interesting and completely galactic and over-the-top in everything he does. Super KK, the protagonist of this video is a stellar superhero who appears from the bowls of a rainbow dream smoke filled sewer . After causing mayhem, he goes head to head with a Ginger Jesus. Also, must I say more than this video stars someone named “Rummelsnuff”. This video is pretty awesome.

Dig it!

Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Garotas Suecas

Well, love hurts. Truth. Fact. It can suck. 🙂

Anyway, the hot Tropicalia/pre Tropicalia-“young guard” infused bugaloo and general awesomeness of Brasilian rock band, Garotas Suecas  (Swedish Women), has been hitting tracks for a couple years now. While they have not produced a new album recently, I’m confident they will be soon. What is important though, is that they just dropped a fresh new video to accompany their hot song about heartbreak, “Não Se Perca Por Aí.” Having seen this band play and bring a crowd to a full on dance party, it seemed they should be promoted for awesomeness again. This video is pretty hysterical as it walks the viewer down the road of love lost, the anguish of a puppet, the nostalgia of what was or what could have been, only to learn–you’re not just a weak puppet, you’re a human. So yeah, dig it.



Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Jaill

Jaill, the Sub-Pop psychpop band from Milwaukie  has recently launched their latest album, titled: Traps

How would I think about and describe these guys? I’d say  they’re going after the Summer jam – but Jaill lays out surf rock streams of guitar, with an influence by Television and a  strange rambling of elongated lyrics make these guys the perfect recipe for lounging in a backyard or on the beaches. However, calling a ban’s sound, “Summer music” can be an insult and so it should be said that this album moves above the empty summer song due to its hollow and removed tone casting a slightly morbid cloud over what was lovely, adding a stranger and unexpected depth to the bubbly songs of Traps. The term “Summer music” is a compliment for Jaill.

Monday’s Jam of The Day: Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich has been around for a little while now and have produced two great and quite different albums.Yellow Ostrich’s heavily awaited second LP Strange Land launched. The album marked a milestone in the band’s evolution and a milestone in the sound that they seek to develop and disperse. Many will remember this band from their former album, that included , “Whale” and “Mary” among others. Strange Land is a decisive move toward a mor orchestrated album. This album was developed as a band unlike the former album, The Mistress that Alex Schaaf wrote solo.

Yellow Ostrich does an excellent job of incorporating multiple instruments into a very digestible sound that is accompanied by often humorous and darker lyrics. The combination is a perfect fit for a mind at ease. I think that says a lot about how they function as a  cohesive group with a vision and musical aesthetic. They are now on Tour and have released these new videos. All I can say is that Yellow Ostrich have found a beautiful common place between pop, fuzzed out melodic rock and dark-humor story telling.

Today’s Jams are “The Shakedown” and “Marathon Runner”



Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Azealia Banks

Well, she just dropped another awesome video for “Liquorice” go check it. Today’s jam though is Azealia’s just launched jam, “Aquababe”
Not much to say expect the new video rocks in the now quintessential Azealia way. and “Aquababe” another track off her upcoming Fantasea mixtapeis just evidence that Azealia wants to conquer the scene. Can you dig it?