Monday’s Absurd Mind Blowing Jam of the Day: Kishi Bashi

Well shit,

I rarely have my mind blown, blown, blown into another galaxy from music. It definitely happens from time to time, but as a whole it is a rare occasion. Today’s jams come from the phenomenal, prodigy, music wizard, and all around insanely talented musician, composer, and artist–Kishi Bashi. I’m not even sure where to begin when tackling what Bashi is achieving with his music. When I listen to him and his mind-boggling solo work–I am reminded of  Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, Philip Glass, beat-boxing, tUnE-yArDs, classical violin concerts, abstract avant gard, stupid-mind-blowing effects,  and early 70’s psychedelic rock all meshed together in what can only be called beautiful and revolutionary–truly addicting music. Bashi, simply put, is a complete genius. Basically this music is on a different plane of absolute craziness.

His work with loops, samples, live violin, beat box, vocal layering and creative approach are entirely unique and ground breaking. Bashi’s layers of sound, harmony, vocals, and rhythm sweep across your ears in ways rarely experienced. He has reached a high of sound that many cannot attain nor fathom how-to. It is simply brilliant in production and composition. Each track feel phenomenally orchestrated yet unpolished. The effect on the listener is that of a musical trance of feeling in awe and inspired. His album 151a tackles vocal interplay and tempo changes, with multiple layering and violin swirls in a truly masterful way. It is mind-boggling to know that this is a single man performing. tempos, effects and vocal interplay. Kishi Bashi has created what is already my favorite album of the year–past two years really. Frankly, it is going to be hard to dethrone this masterpiece. This needs to be purchased and loved.

Enjoy today’s perfectly amazing jam of the day.