Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Grizzly Bear

Well there you have it,

Grizzly Bear just released a song off of their highly anticipated new album that will drop this coming September, titled: “Sleeping UTE.” The album is still untitled but if this song is a predictor at all, expect something amazing. This song is a great volcanic eruption of sound and as usual, guitarist Daniel Rossen lashes out with expressive creativity. This jam is percussive heavy and bears a dark ominous tone. The exciting thing is that this band could have gone either way. They could have produced a so-so release but this jam represents a different Grizzly Bear with a new aggressive sound that holds true to the band’s history but strays from the old through sonic re-envisioning. “Sleeping Ute” is a beautiful track with hot drums, slicing guitar and vocals that soar through the band’s inventive style. This song reminds me of the soundtrack one might hear while standing alone on the edge of a canyon on an overcast windy day, looking at the oncoming storm.




2 responses

  1. I could never get into Grizzly Bear. Everything is so.. Midrange and soft. The guitar is soft, the drums are soft, and the singer is soft. But the songs aren’t overtly soft. It just never clicked with me…

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