Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Animal Collective

For the next several weeks Animal Collective is hosting a radio show where they are playing awesome jams, influences, and some of their own tracks. Yesterday, they debuted their latest heavily psychedelic noise woven type of rock.  Noah Lenox (Panda Bear) and David Portner (Avey Tare) approached “Today’s Supernatural,” with a unique kind of AC aggressiveness matched with a heavily poppy but driving Merriwether Post Pavillion uppity tone. The band has been largely silent since the 2009 full-length but have launched several singles, like “Gotham and Honeycomb” that clearly explore boundaries for the band. This latest single will be released on the band’s new album Centipede Hz that will launch in early September. Expect this album to tackle new boundaries in AC noise, music and experimentation.



Friday’s Jam of the Day: King Khan and the Shrines

OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Two years of constipation and finally sweet release. Tonight, King Khan and the Shrines will be playing one of their five east coast shows and it should prove to be nuts nuts and full of genius. I’m stoked, to say the least.

I wrote about “Bite my Tongue” several weeks ago but today I think it deserves another post because their show is tonight! Their could be anywhere from 5 to 20 odd members of the Shrines on stage tonight. Rawkus is all I can hope hor. Also,“Rummelsnuff.” Nuff said.

Dig it!

Thursday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Fishing

Fishing is the gorgeously put together  Sydney based electro-pop duo are totally under the waves right now. However, I will wager my next pair of knee high socks that they will explode their genre within this year. Last summer, they launched a digital release 7 inch and  the track “OOOO”  made me weak in a weird love pop sonic aurora borealis euphoria kind-a way.

Fishing’s Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright have discovered the fine line of of balancing fuzzy grey exterior of comforting sound with the uppity snf happy pop hits that make a dance party go off! I’m certain their live gig does not dissapoint.This is sample-happy, staggering, and hook-laden stuff that amalgamates video-game music with glitch-pop and joyful electronic beats. Fishing are going places and through solid craft, no-less. They are my week’s soundtrack Summer night jam.


Wednesday’s Back From Vacation Jam of Da Day: Le1f

Holy shit like whoa son,

I’ve been on vacation and avoided writing and the interwebs like a plague of man-eating unicorns. Anyway, I’m back and want to get this blog and your week jumping with this great jam that just launched. Think SantiGold, Spankrock, Spoek Mathambo, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, Azaelia Banks and you get Le1f. Le1f raps to dirty, sexy, hot and grimy beats furiously. Also, style points to him. No doubt, Le1f is about to conquer the: Dirty Space Sparkle Rap scene. The beats to “Wut” will conquer your day and it will be playing on hot repeat like the hottest of jams. I guarantee you will be dropping your head to the beat and smiling over the awesome grimyness of today’s jam.  Occasionally you have to wonder, where are these guys and then Booooom, someone like Le1f emerges. All I can say is that his Dark York Mixtape is going to explode. Keep an eye out for this guy in every way, shape, and form. I haven’t heard a sound like this in a number. Also, at about 1:32 seconds in, note his dance–ummm yeah, he’s mimicking a 212 dance from a miss Azaelia-dance. Le1f you are killing it!

Enjoy today’s hot jam of the day!

Friday’s Jam of the Day: Win Win

Holy damn,

I’m not sure how I missed these guys ever connecting–the words for them are flawless banging psych ballers. Their self-titled debut album uses and was created with  “samples, instruments, cell phone recordings, guitar licks, and a myriad modern electronic tools. Basically, anything and everything from which they could draw inspiration.” This is definitely a creative album that has some sick collaborations including work with Lizzy from Gang Gang Dance. Come with me on a bangin psychedelic trip down Win Win lane. It’s located somewhere between digitopolis and Milo, near the toll booth.The beat layers and  sysynths makes for a contageous sonic head bobbing experience. What kills about this partnership between, Develin, XXXchange, and Ghostdad is that it pulls from so many inspirations, genres and collages them all seamlessly together through masterful  handling.


Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Wax Idols

Hether Fortune is the mind behind Bay Area garage rock band, Wax Idols. Basically she’s a hardened musician and bad ass who has taken the dive into the massive post-punk/garage rock resurgence that SF is leading right now. The band’s full length LP No Future matches the scene well and with unique hits. The slant of Wax Idols is that of ‘60s girl groups smashed against  intersperses harder-edged post/proto punk stylings. Wax Idols stream across several genres but don’t leave you wondering what the hell you just heard. Their sound is solid with stella tempo mix-ups to prevent making the ear from losing anticipation.  Between  Joan Jett vocals and driving to more slow back-drops, Wax Idols capture a unique sound in their genre that needs to be reckoned with.

Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights  is the name of the midwestern musical duo who have been taking the music scene by storm. Their latest album,  Lucifer features a gorgeous song entitled, “Beautiful Son.” This latest video and song is a tribute to their one year old child.  LEGS directs this masterful video; and it is phenomenal and I mean phenomenal. The video is a stunning psychedelic bath of color, motion, babies destroying the world, and parenthood.  It is an enjoyable compliment to the music that floats by with each new second. This song has a huge Air Vibe byut the vocals tear past you in a much better and flavorful/completely unique way.

Monday’s Absurd Killing Jam of the Day: Ty Segall Band

Slaughterhouse (In the Red) is the fourth full-length, from the crazy-prolific Ty Segall, that has released in the last 18 months , and it’s the by far the hottest of them all. Every projects could be characterized as a low-fi Garage rock that currently epitomizes  the San Francisco music scene and has for some years now. Slaughterhouse goes to new levels for Segall and his band on their journey  to absolute ridiculousness. This album finds the sexy between fuzzed out lo-fi distorted psychosis , noise, and heavy, driving, rifting guitars, and screaming vocals as Segall and his band rock your face off.  Every song seems to drive high, and just before exploding into millions of loud and furious pieces of “holy shit,” stays together proving that it is capable of withstanding all sorts of loud mayhem with stinging melodies and driving drums that keep the equilibrium.

Segall is loud, dirty, screaming, and hard, paying tribute to so many in punk, surf, garage rock, and the new.  Segall screams like a raging titan trying to break from its bonds to step on a city and likely crush the earth . “Muscle Man,”  “Wave Goodbye,” “Diddy Wah Diddy,” “Tell Me What’s Inside  Your Heart”  among the other tracks conquer new levels of furious awesome that can only be found in the dingy depths of a sewer full of mutants who eat other mutants before going to swampy and festering parties in the bowels of earth. And then, as if to take a breath, “Death” carries you out in aa 10 minute conclusion of distorted fuzz andsonic confusion. Sick is all I can say. This album is incredible

Enjoy these ridiculous tracks!

Friday’s Jam of the Day: Paco De Lucía

It’s a stunning Friday and for whatever reason, Flamenco popped into my mind. Flamenco–Damn–Flamenco is easily one of the most seductive dances and also one of the most impassioned  and stunning musical genres and styles of guitar and percussion. And so it goes, there is only a handful of people that come to mind who I feel breathe the beauty and subtly of Flamenco music to the very core as this man does. Among them, a king emerges. His name is Paco De Lucía.

He covers the swath of Flamenco sound next to no-one else. As his fingers jump across his guitar and his face contorts with soul, De Lucía masterfully can capture the most sorrowful song to the most energized and electric. He elicits a bridge over the gray chasm of unknown between experience, expression, and sound.  De Lucía understands the interplay of space, pause, tone, and sound. He’ll ensure your mind explodes. Fact.

Enjoy today’s Masterful jams of the day.