Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan is going to launch next week, though the band’s been streaming the heavily, heavily anticipated album across and on different channels. I’ve given this album a listen through and there is a lot to be said. Squarely put, the heralded Dirty Projectors left us in 2009 with the great/best album of the year, Bitte Orca, an approachable  sound that made love to the ears of listeners with extreme harmonic vocals, heavily distorted and often looped guitar cut through by 21st century sonic experimentation. So with all this praise it is easy to state that Swing Lo Magellan has been anticipated in a big way.  What is clearly different about this album is exemplary in the direction and move the band made with Björk. The difference and maturity of this album is not seen in the beautiful and soulful vocals. The vocals are not dramatically dissimilar but they are certainly more sophisticated. Swing Lo Magellan’s difference is seen in the albums’s craft, sonic differentiation, and lyrical symbolism in a way that has evolved what we think of when we think Dirty Projectors. Interestingly enough, Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective will be coming back to the musical table this year as well and I’m curious to see how they match up. Swing Lo Magellan is, if I may, a tour de force come back that embraces a new consideration of the band’s music and understanding with a clearly and well-developed maturity that band’s with lasting power accomplish. There is a beautiful subtlety in awesomeness and this album strikes it. This is likely one of the best albums of the year so far. The Dirty Projectors just achieved a gorgeous and full bodied album that surpasses every benchmark set by Bitte Orca.



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