Monday’s Absurd Killing Jam of the Day: Ty Segall Band

Slaughterhouse (In the Red) is the fourth full-length, from the crazy-prolific Ty Segall, that has released in the last 18 months , and it’s the by far the hottest of them all. Every projects could be characterized as a low-fi Garage rock that currently epitomizes  the San Francisco music scene and has for some years now. Slaughterhouse goes to new levels for Segall and his band on their journey  to absolute ridiculousness. This album finds the sexy between fuzzed out lo-fi distorted psychosis , noise, and heavy, driving, rifting guitars, and screaming vocals as Segall and his band rock your face off.  Every song seems to drive high, and just before exploding into millions of loud and furious pieces of “holy shit,” stays together proving that it is capable of withstanding all sorts of loud mayhem with stinging melodies and driving drums that keep the equilibrium.

Segall is loud, dirty, screaming, and hard, paying tribute to so many in punk, surf, garage rock, and the new.  Segall screams like a raging titan trying to break from its bonds to step on a city and likely crush the earth . “Muscle Man,”  “Wave Goodbye,” “Diddy Wah Diddy,” “Tell Me What’s Inside  Your Heart”  among the other tracks conquer new levels of furious awesome that can only be found in the dingy depths of a sewer full of mutants who eat other mutants before going to swampy and festering parties in the bowels of earth. And then, as if to take a breath, “Death” carries you out in aa 10 minute conclusion of distorted fuzz andsonic confusion. Sick is all I can say. This album is incredible

Enjoy these ridiculous tracks!


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