Wednesday’s Back From Vacation Jam of Da Day: Le1f

Holy shit like whoa son,

I’ve been on vacation and avoided writing and the interwebs like a plague of man-eating unicorns. Anyway, I’m back and want to get this blog and your week jumping with this great jam that just launched. Think SantiGold, Spankrock, Spoek Mathambo, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, Azaelia Banks and you get Le1f. Le1f raps to dirty, sexy, hot and grimy beats furiously. Also, style points to him. No doubt, Le1f is about to conquer the: Dirty Space Sparkle Rap scene. The beats to “Wut” will conquer your day and it will be playing on hot repeat like the hottest of jams. I guarantee you will be dropping your head to the beat and smiling over the awesome grimyness of today’s jam.  Occasionally you have to wonder, where are these guys and then Booooom, someone like Le1f emerges. All I can say is that his Dark York Mixtape is going to explode. Keep an eye out for this guy in every way, shape, and form. I haven’t heard a sound like this in a number. Also, at about 1:32 seconds in, note his dance–ummm yeah, he’s mimicking a 212 dance from a miss Azaelia-dance. Le1f you are killing it!

Enjoy today’s hot jam of the day!


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