Friday’s Stunning Jam of the Day: Washed Out

You know those songs, yeah you do; those songs that no matter what mood you may or may not be in, upon hearing the wafting and tranquil vocals drift in waves and circles through the depth of your ears only to spin and slide across your gray matter and trigger some crazy inexplicable feeling of lucidity, coziness, nostalgia, and psychological freedom?–Well Washed Out’s cut from the last years album, Within and Without, titled “A Dedication” does just that. The album rocked last year and this jam is seductively smooth and reminiscent of a droplet of water as it challenges the pristine and placid surface of a newly awakened lake on a foggy early autumn dawn. Washed Out has embraced what makes this song so stunning and the newly released  video captures the reverberating elegance and calm transitions of romance, lazing around, and lighter than air meditation. Also, this video is gorgeous. You will leave this song mesmerized and enchanted.



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