Thursday’s Mindblowing Funky Jam of the Day: Eddie Bo

James Black kills it on Drums and plays in pocket like a machine throughout this classic. Black is some kind of interstellar funk-traveller who was brought to this planet with one objective, to take you on a cosmic soul ride, fact. Eddie Bo and of course Inez Cheatham bring it home like you wouldn’t expect in this rare classic, “Lover and a Friend”. This is the damn funk train today though and  Eddie Bo is the conductor. You can’t get off until at least one bead of sweat drops from your brow mid-shake. So in anticipation of the sweat bead, give a listen to track two of today’s jamz, “We’re Doing it (Thang).” You gotta join in and do it. Its called THANG. Bo reminds us of what real NOLA soul is. Dig it!




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