Thursday’s Hot Jam of the Day: St. Vincent and David Byrne

Wrote about Love This Giant in June when the two rockstars released one track off the highly, highly anticipated album. However, as you all probably know , these two monsters (St. Vincent and David Byrne) have paired up for a tour de force album called, Love This Giant. Not long ago, the released a stellar track called “Who;” not long ago they released yet another tack and this one has followed suit nicely; “Weekend in the Dust” is pretty outrageous with a phenomenal production value. The instrumentation is a tier of its own with syncopated  jazz notes, rock threads, and funk overlays. This album, this tour will be phenomenal.

What’s more, if you haven’t heard of or seen St. Vincent, I recommend changing that asap. Why? It’s simple; she’s a bad ass rock star. David Byrne is David Byrne is David Byrne (not much more to be said about him).  So when these two team up and complement each other in a very dynamic and intuitive balanced duet, their product is stunning and with a killing musicality. Get tickets to go see them—this is a tour not to be missed.

Dig this!

I kind of wish I was hanging with David Byrne or Annie Clark. hahaha


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