Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Animal Collective

Animal Collective has been running a radio show all august and has just released their entire album via videos online for Centipede Hz. The album is an excellent exploration of the band’s sound and is set to ship in september leading into their interenational tour. The group has been to and fro with the strange historically. Their most recent albums were a move toward the mainstream and digestible but a step away from what made AC who they are. These super talented men produced a niche unto themselves and harnessed a caliber of noise and distorted synth  that had never been heard in the 90’s and then into the 21st century they became recognized as A-genre and have emerged as a symbol for 21st century music explorations. This album is an amazing return for AC back to what the invented. I’m excited for this tour and this album to hit the shelves.


I’ll post more videos as they release. However, for now go dig on it if you like the sound.  This album has combed the gray sand between their avant garde raw early sound with their more digestible new sound



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